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The influence and increasing popularity of western fashion in India

The Indian clothing market is expected to generate a revenue of $96.47 billion this year and is projected to have a CAGR of 3.34% from 2023 to 2027. The massive size of the apparel market is consistent with the country's large population. This is especially noteworthy, considering that 99% of the sales in the apparel sector are categorized as non-luxury items. This demonstrates that clothing is a need rather than a want for many Indians.

Despite being a necessity, it is hard to separate the fashion aspect from the clothing that people wear. Trends and tastes dictate the kind of clothes that are made and sold in the market. One clear example is the increasing influence of western fashion in the Indian clothing market. Rather than being a trend, it is more of an evolution that has seeped into the Indian fashion industry at every price level.

The proliferation of Western fashion influence in India

India has a rich cultural heritage, being amongst one of the earliest civilizations. The country boosts diversity, and this is reflected in the local fashion traditions. The sari, which is a common traditional dress for women in India, has many different variations. There are different ways the sari is draped and worn in different regions of the country.

When seen from a historic perspective, the influence of Western fashion in India is not surprising at all. The region was ruled by the British for more than two centuries before gaining independence. Western traditions impacted every aspect of Indian culture, from the language to the cuisine. Even after independence, while there was a deep sense of pride among Indians for their traditional culture, there was a realization that modernization was necessary to develop and progress as a society.

Western fashion has a major influence not only on Indian fashion sensibilities but on a global scale. The US is the sole superpower of the world, one that exports its culture and values around the world. Western culture dominates for various factors. Media exposure and business endeavors are two of the most powerful ways in which Western fashion influences local fashion. Western movies, television, and other forms of media are viewed and appreciated globally. Indians idolize and imitate Western celebrities. Even if they do not copy the exact dressing style, there is an adoption of fusion fashion that combines elements of Western and traditional fashion.

One of the main reasons for the growing influence, however, is a practical one. Western clothing is designed for comfort during work. The denim jeans are a prime example of a garment designed to withstand the west and year of manual labor. Western clothing is also considered more suitable for corporate culture. Corporations mandate the wearing of formal Western clothing.

In many ways, the growing influence of Western fashion, be it the outright adoption of western clothes like skirts, tops, and pants, or the fusion of Western and traditional clothing, like pairing of jeans with Kurtis, is a natural outcome of Indian modernization. The country is increasing its influence on a global scale. The good thing is that while adopting Western-infused fashion, the country is exporting its own culture as well. Traditional Indian fashion is in high demand outside the region and not just by expatriates.

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