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How Home Décor Can Effect You

The home is much more than a building. It is a safe space. It is where we seek comfort, relaxation, and safety. In a sense, the home is an extension of ourselves. Our homes represent our personalities, habits, and the way we live. A well-organized space is indicative of a person who values order, while a messy house could mean that the person who lives in it thrives in chaos.

The Impact Of Home Décor On Your Mood

Humans are visual creatures which is why the way our surroundings look has a lot of impact on us. It affects our mood, thoughts, and emotions. Home decor is not exclusively about aesthetics. Aesthetics play a key role; however, functionality and how the interior of our house makes us feel also matter. Here are some elements of home decor that impact our mood:


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The first thing we notice about a house is how small or large the space is. A large house may evoke feelings of being overwhelmed in some people. In other, however, a small house may make them feel claustrophobic. It all depends upon individual preferences and requirements. After all, a five-bedroom house may be spacious for a family of four; however, the same house may be too small for a ten-member household.


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Even without studying color theory, most people know how different colors can affect moods differently. A vibrant yellow or a bright yellow act as a stimulant and heighten alertness. In comparison, green has an incredibly calming energy that provides peace of mind. These colors demand attention.


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Lighting is a necessary part of home decor due to its utility. The kind of light you use, cool or warm, bright or toned down, helps to set the ambiance of the space. The ambiance or atmosphere mitigates emotions and, in turn, behaviors. This is why bedrooms are usually dimly lit since it helps to relax and rest. On the other hand, home offices have bright lights to aid with staying alert and attentive. Another aspect is the use of natural light. Natural sunlight has been shown to increase productivity since it makes us feel more awake and active.

Decorative touches

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Aside from these basic elements found in every home, decorative touches like indoor plants, art, vases, and even furniture impact our mood. Keeping plants inside is not only a great way to bring the outdoors in, but it is also good for keeping us calm. The art we choose to display, be it a painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture, or even a musical instrument, communicates our interests and personality.

People like to surround themselves with things that reflect our selves. Our thoughts, beliefs, and our preferences. Home decor is an example of this phenomenon. We feel better when our house reflects the kind of person we are and our likes and dislikes. Most of the time, home decor affects our mood without us even noticing. This is why home decor is so important and requires immaculate attention.

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